pmhc_logo_VER_smallMINUTES                                                                 Extraordinary Economic Development

                                                                                                          Steering Group Meeting









Councillor Peter Besseling (Mayor)

Councillor Rob Turner

Councillor Trevor Sargeant

Councillor Mike Cusato

Kelly Lamb (Hastings Business Women’s Network)

Ross Cargill (Mid North Coast NSW Business Chamber)

Joy Corben (Port Macquarie-Hastings Education and Skills Forum)

Kathryn Balodis (Greater Port Macquarie Tourism Association)

Dr. Muyesser Durur (Higher Education)

John Saunders (Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce & Industry)

Haydn Oriti (Port Macquarie Chamber of Commerce)

Jill Follington (Industry Mid North Coast)


Other Attendees:





The meeting opened at 8.00am.




The Acknowledgement of Country was delivered.




02       APOLOGIES


That the apologies received from Anthony Thorne (Hastings Construction Industry Association Inc.), Lisa McPherson (Chambers of Commerce in Port Macquarie & Wauchope), Tony Hayward (General Manager) and Craig Swift-McNair (Director Commercial Services & Industry Engagement) be accepted.





There were no disclosures of interest presented.



04       Review of the draft Economic Development Strategy


The Economic Development Steering Group considered and noted the final (late received) submission on the draft Economic Development Strategy. 


The Economic Development Steering Group considered the amendments to the draft which were agreed at the following meeting and subsequently implemented.  In addition, further amendments were identified:


·         The need to move paragraph 4 of the Executive Summary to the top of the page and add further words regarding the environmental and social foundations being the basis on which we can have a competitive advantage;

·         The business survey being required biannually, rather than annually;

·         The flowchart explaining the industry action/advocacy plan development should include wording in the second step to reflect the need to test the willingness of industry to be engaged in this process;

·         Education and Training - the need to explicitly state it is a ‘university’ campus;

·         Performance measures - the need to state we are seeking ‘real’ increases (and therefore delete the target column, as we do not know what CPI will be);

·         That the tourism performance measure be deleted (and included in the DMP measures);

·         Include further wording under Performance Measure section to reflect the inclusion of measures in Industry Action Plans; and

·         Add a new action relating to need to review the strategy and measures annually. 




That the Draft Economic Development Strategy be updated to reflect the above changes that were agreed by the Economic Development Steering Group.  



05       Deferral of Payment of Development Contributions


Matt Rogers, Director of Development & Environment briefed the EDSG members on the recent Council decision relating to a twelve (12) month trial on the deferral of developer contributions.  Members of the EDSG discussed and asked questions relating to this initiative, measurement of the trial success, other possible options for supporting business who are wishing to expand and may be subject to developer contributions.  Hadyn Oriti specifically asked Matt Rogers if Council could give consideration to waiving the requirement for a Bank Guarantee.  Joy Corben suggested that Council consider a payment plan system that was managed by an external provider.


06       Digital Strategy


Liesa Davies, Group Manager Economic Development briefed the EDSG members on recent discussions with Tony Gibbs and NBN Co and also a Business Hub representative meeting with the Member for Lyne.  Liesa sought input from the EDSG members on the potential focus of and issues to be considered in the development of Council’s Digital Strategy (which is currently at the planning stage).









The meeting closed at 9.45am.