pmhc_logo_VER_smallMINUTES                                                                                                      Hastings Access

                                                                                                          Sub-Committee Meeting








Councillor Rob Turner (Chairperson)

Brian Bucket - Access Building Designer

Helen Booby - Port Macquarie Access

Julie Priest- PMHC Aged & Disability Officer

Lyndel Bosman -Guide Dogs NSW

Max Waters - Port Macquarie & Vision Impairment

Mike Ipsen - Camden Haven Access

Nik Sandeman-Allen - Care & Mobility

Phil White - Wauchope Access

Sharon Beard - Education & Access


Other Attendees:

Lucilla Marshall - PMHC Group Manager Community Development

Jeffery Sharp  - PMHC Director Infrastructure & Asset Management



The meeting opened at 2.07pm.




The Acknowledgement of Country was delivered.



02       APOLOGIES


That the apologies received from George Payne (Wauchope Seniors) and Vicky Whitfield (Port Macquarie Access) be accepted.





That the Minutes of the Hastings Access Sub-Committee Meeting held on 14 October 2013 be confirmed.





There were no disclosures of interest presented.






5.14     Access Friendly Project:


Councillor Turner advised that he has emailed Port Central Management and upon their response a time will be scheduled for an Access Committee visit.


Julie Priest and Sharon Beard will present at the Chamber of Commerce meeting on Wednesday 20 November 2013. Clr Turner will be an apology as he is at the Council meeting that night.


Nik Sandeman-Allen proposed that Hastings Home Modification new premises be visited prior to their launch. Helen Booby suggested a visit to World Par-Tea.




1.         Visit to Port Central be arranged once receive confirmation from management.

2.         Visit on Friday 22 November to include Hastings Home Modification and World Par-tea and Julie to liaise with Committee members.



5.17     Access Requests:


5.17.1  Settlement Point Ferry:


Discussion about risk for user of mobility scooter and OHSW risk for contractors handling the portable ramp.




Independent Risk Assessment to be undertaken to assess proposal for a portable ramp on Settlement Point Ferry.


5.17.2  Shared Zone:


The traffic signs in Clarence Street is being reviewed by the Town Centre Masterplan Committee and will be completed in December.


5.17.3  Rebel Sport:


Group Manager of Development Assessment has undertaken to liaise with Compliance regarding the painted-out disabled parking spot at Rebel Sport.




The Access Committee be advised of the outcome.


5.17.4  Lighthouse Beach staircase:


Council will construct a handrail on the new staircase at Lighthouse Beach.


5.17.5  Safety Issues:


Discussion about safety issues to be brought to attention of Road Safety Officer include; no pedestrian crossings on Lord Street (between Gordon & Hill St) and no pedestrian crossing near Finnians Gordon Street.




That the Road Safety Officer be advised of pedestrian safety issues at  Lord Street (between Gordon & Hill St) and near Finnians on Gordon Street, Port Macquarie.


5.17.6  Parking at the Wauchope Hospital, Palliative Care Unit:


Julie Priest undertook an access assessment in January 2013 on the plans and requested that the disabled parking spaces comply with AS. Nik Sandeman-Allen and Mike Ipsen spoke about how during construction  there is no access.




That Julie Priest contact the Wauchope Hospital and discover how many disabled car parking spots are available now, during construction and upon completion.


5.17.7  Town Beach Stair Nosings:


Councillor Turner has ‘road tested’ the new stair nosings. He found them to be non-slip and highly visible.




That Council continue installing stair nosings on beach staircases with Flynn’s Beach a priority.


5.17.8  Prioritise remaining Disability Discrimination Act Funds:


Discussion about stair nosings, charge points and Vicky Whitfield’s suggestion of Pilot Beach amenities which is not DDA compliant. Current projects include compliant access to Log Wharf amenity, stair nosing at Town Beach lookout which are now completed and Nik Sandeman-Allen suggested the installation of 2nd automatic opening door at Glasshouse.




That Recreation & Buildings undertake the following projects:

1.         Allocate $200 in total for charge points for Laurieton and Wauchope libraries;

2.         Undertake works at Pilot Beach amenities so that it is DDA compliant;

3.         Proceed with installing the stair nosings with Flynn’s beach a priority; and

4.         If possible install the 2nd automatic opening door at the Glasshouse in time for International Day of People with Disability event on Tues 2 December.


5.17.9  Plans for International Day of People with Disability:


Julie spoke about two event the Access All Areas Film Festival at the Glasshouse on Tuesday 2nd December and the Disco with Bago Magic on the Friday 6th December.

The Committee suggested ideas including a skit by Bago Magic and Wheelchair precision driving in the Forecourt anda Councillors wheelchair race. Helen Booby offered to contact Alison Jenner from Port Macquarie Primary School for her support. Cr Turner offered his apologies as he would be unable to attend the event.




That the Access Committee be sent an invitation to IDPwD event at the Glasshouse.


5.17.10       Process / Mechanism to trigger DA review:

Jeffery Sharp spoke about this and a process will be put in place with Lucilla Marshall.


5.17.11       Taxi Driver request a layback on Horton St cab rank and a hand rail:




That this request be logged with Council Roads & Infrastructure.


5.17.12       Boardwalk Waniora Parkway:


Phil White and Sharon Beard inspected the Boardwalk at Waniora Parkway and are pleased to report that it is accessible. Some plants are overgrown in one section. Phil still hasn’t heard back from National Parks & Wildlife.




Phil White provide an update at the next meeting.


5.17.13       Retail Renovation and DA requirements for a compliant toilet:


Development Assessment provided the advice that if an internal wall is moved for renovations (in any part of the building) then that triggers a DA and a DA complaint toilet for a retail renovation.


5.17.14       Pedestrian crossing on Lake Road:


Councillor Turner provided an update about Lake Road is now a 40 km/hr zone. This will be trialled for 6 months and then reviewed in regards to pedestrian safety. Brian Bucket’s design plan has been submitted to Council’s Transport & Traffic.


5.17.15       Bench Seating:


The list of bench seating was tabled at the meeting. Councillor Turner suggested that the seating that is being removed from Hay Street Forecourt may be able to be re-located to some of these.




That Buildings and Recreation be approached for relocation of benchseating and that a copy of the benchseating list be issued with the minutes.



16.       Busways:

No action has occurred while Julie Priest was away on leave. The Bus Route timetable still includes incorrect bus stop locations.




That Julie Priest write to Busways requesting information on the routes, schedule and frequency of accessible buses, the timeframe of when the fleet will be completely access friendly and when they will be updating their timetable.



06       General Business

06.1     PMHC Project Management Framework:

Mr Jeffery Sharp, Director Infrastructure & Asset Management spoke about councils’ Project Management Framework and the need for a clear decision point for when the Access Committee are notified for input. Operationally his area will take on a milestone or hold point when Engineers will talk to Lucilla Marshall who will decide if the process is to go via the Access Committee.

This was triggered by the community approaching Brian Bucket for information/input.




That Council  provide a plan to the Access Committee for Stingray Bridge showing the access and width of the pedestrian link and a plan of the breakwall showing the proposed footpath.



06.2     Progress of the Access Committee:


Max Waters and Nik Sandeman-Allen spoke about their frustration with the slow pace of works, in particular Yellow Brick Road with change of several locations, and getting park benches allocated throughout the area. They spoke about how they feel they are just rubber stamping priorities and there are opportunities to promote the Access Committee. Cr Turner spoke about the high standing and regard that the Access Committee is held in by Council.




That Julie Priest provide a list of all the good the Access Committee has done and will read it out at the IDPwD event.



06.3     Westport Park Inclusive Playground:


Brian Bucket raised the Westport Park Inclusive Playground launch. Lucilla Marshall spoke about the purpose was for community drivers and Touched By Olivia to be engaged. Nik and Max attended however thought it was going to be a launch and there were no formalities. Council had an information stall and 4 staff attended the day with plans for the playground which the Access Committee has reviewed at an earlier meeting. Suggest in future that there is a formal announcement and speech component at the event.


06.4     New Committee Members:


The Committee members discussed the applications of Ms Elizabeth Rose and Ms Elizabeth Conroy.




That a report be submitted to Council recommending the acceptance of the Expression of Interest for Membership to the Port Macquarie-Hastings Access Sub Committee received from Ms Elizabeth Rose and Ms Elizabeth Conroy.



06.5     DA Review Garden Village:


The Committee reviewed the DA plans for the two x 4 storey apartments at Garden Village.




That the Access Committee review  be submitted to DA that the footpath be extended to Oxley Highway, that TGSI’s be included as to comply with Australian Standards.



06.6     Majestic Cinema Stairlifter:


Phil White spoke about his experience at the Majestic Cinema. He purchased a movie ticket and the stairlifter did not work as it has a light capacity which was incredibly disappointing and will affect many people wanting to use it.




That Nik Sandeman-Allen to investigate the capacity of the stairlifter and report back to the Committee .




The meeting closed at 4.17pm.