pmhc_logo_VER_smallMINUTES                                                                          Hastings LGA Coast & Estuaries

                                                                                                          Sub-Committee Meeting








Councillor Lisa Intemann

Matt Rogers

Gordon Cameron

Adrian Button

Alan MacIntyre

Bob Jolly

Jack Jones

Laurie Lardner

Patrick McEntee

Paul Hyde

Steve Atkins

John Schmidt


Other Attendees:

Jason Edwards

Community members - 20



The meeting opened at 1.50pm.




The Acknowledgement of Country was delivered.


02       APOLOGIES


That the apologies received from Councillor Adam Roberts, Tim Molloy, Dan Croft, Thor Aaso, Alison Kennedy and Tony Troup be accepted.





That the Minutes of the Hastings LGA Coast & Estuaries Sub-Committee Meeting held on 2 April 2013 be confirmed.





There were no disclosures of interest presented.








06       New Code of Conduct

Any members with questions should contact Matt Rogers.




That the information in and the attachments to the New Code of Conduct report be noted.



07       Lake Cathie Coastal Zone Management Plan

The report to Council on this matter to include an analysis of the impact of increasing property values as a result of the construction of a revetment on Council’s general revenue.

The report to Council to include a clarification that a Special Levy under the Local Government Act 1993 would available to Council to levy for landowner contribution to the revetment.




That it be a recommendation to Council:

1.         That Council adopt the Lake Cathie Coastal Zone Management Plan (2013).

2.         That landowner funding contributions to the revetment wall only be considered as a last resort option in the event that sufficient project funding is not available from NSW State and Federal Governments and Council.




08.01     Recording of Minutes:

Matt Rogers advised that Council has made changes to how all Committee Meeting Minutes will be taken and documented. Only key action items and committee resolutions to be recorded.


08.02     Indurated Sands (Coffee Rock) Geotechnical Investigation:

Gordon Cameron provided an update on the Indurated Sands (Coffee Rock) geotechnical investigation. When complete the geotechnical report would be publicly available.

Gordon Cameron also provided an update on the detailed design of the revetment wall. An options assessment of the types of materials is being prepared and given the visual impacts a revetment wall will have it will be necessary to consult with the public before a final decision on the material type is made.


08.03     Corella Estate:

There was discussion on Corella Estate’s (North Shore) vulnerability to coastal processes. There is no current issues, however Council may in time be required by the NSW Government to undertake a Coastal Zone Management Plan for all the LGA.


08.04     Hastings LGA Coast & Estuaries Charter:

There was discussion on the Committee’s Charter. Cr Intemann again invited members to make a submission to her or Cr Roberts on the Committee’s Charter. The current Charter would be emailed to members for information. It was suggested the Committee met a minimum of twice a year.


08.05     Status of Estuary Management Plans:

There was discussion on the status of Estuary Management Plans. It was requested a report be provided to the next meeting on the EMP projects (eg. primary productivity study and eco-health monitoring project etc).


08.06     Camden Haven River Water Quality:

Paul Hyde advised of water quality issues on the Camden Haven River at Kendall and on Herons Creek aquatic weed issues. Thor Asso to provide information to Paul Hyde.



08.07:    Acid Suphate Soils:


Laurie Lardner sought an update on Acid Sulphate Soils (ASS). Thor Asso to report on ASS post remediation issues.


08.08     Funding:

Jack Jones advised that funding may be available from the Lake Innes Reversion Study. Council and National Parks have submitted an expression of interest (EOI) to access this potential funding. Matt Rogers confirmed that Council has submitted a request for funding.




The meeting closed at 3.35pm.