pmhc_logo_VER_smallMINUTES                                                                                    Hastings Local Emergency

                                                                                           Management Committee Meeting








LEMO - Jeffery Sharp


Fire & Rescue NSW

NSW Ambulance

SES - Hastings

SES - Wauchope

SES - Mid North Coast Region

Marine Rescue PM

Marine Rescue CH

Hastings Macleay Network (Health)

Dept of Community Services – Disaster Welfare

National Parks & Wildlife Service

Dept Human Services - Centrelink

Essential Energy

PMHC Airport

PMHC Environmental Health Officer

Surf Life Saving MNC



The meeting opened at 10.32am.




The Acknowledgement of Country was delivered.




02       APOLOGIES


That the apologies received from NSW Ambulance (Steven Towle), NC REMO (Peter Davidson), NSW Police (Shane Cribb), SES Mid North Region (Stephen Hart), NSW RFS (Guy Duckworth), SES Camden Haven (Paul Burg), SES Wauchope (Bill Sanders), SES Port Macquarie (Kevin Sherwood), Fire & Rescue NSW (David Gray), be accepted.





That the Minutes of the Hastings Local Emergency Management Committee Meeting held on 15 August 2013 be confirmed.





There were no disclosures of interest presented.





1.         Item 5. Progress Reports - Dept Human Services Disaster Welfare Report

          There is no current list of evacuation centres. There is a high priority need to identify locations that are suitable to all agencies as evacuation centres.

2.         Item 7. Emergency Risk Management Planning

          Draft report is attached in a separate report to this agenda.

3.         Item 12. Communications Tower Mount Caincross

          Council is in receipt of correspondence from Dept of Lands regarding maintenance of this site and need to undertake further discussions with RFS regarding the matter.


1.         LEMO will work in conjunction with Dept Human Services Disaster Welfare and NC REMO to develop a list of appropriate evacuation centres to be distributed for agency comment prior to the next LEMC meeting.



06       Emergency Risk Management Plan



That the LEMC review the draft Emergency Risk Management plan and each agency come back to LEMO with comments by 18 December 2013, with a view for the amended draft to be adopted at the next LEMC meeting.



07       Port Macquarie-Hastings Flood Emergency Sub Plan

This is a reflection of the NSW Emergency Plan. Volume 1 needs to be formally endorsed by the LEMC following discussion with effected agencies as this document commits agencies to provide support for the SES in flood events.

The evacuation centre arrangements may need to be updated following the outcome of Business Arising Item 5.

There is an issue with groups listed under “Responsibility” section as the wording surrounding their assistance reads as an obligation to assist rather than an opportunity.

Council have the responsibility of closing however, Police and SES have the capacity to close roads in the event that Council is not on site. Council are the only agency who can re-open a road.

SES make clear that it is the individuals responsibility to determine the safety of private property. Council is only responsible for clearing the wider outdoor environment.



1.         LEMO to follow up some administrative issues regarding PMHC responsibility and liaise with SES Mid North Coast Region.

2.         Responsibility section to be reworded to ensure clarity surrounding opportunity to assist.

3.         Consider additional clarification on point 3.7 surrounding Council issuing orders to re-open flood affected areas.

4.         The LEMC endorse Volume 1 of the Draft Flood Emergency Sub Plan subject to minor administrative changes.



08       North Shore Sirens

Request for siren has come through the North Shore Progress Association and the State Member for LEMC endorsement.

SES have discussed this option during community engagement and do not support the idea as it presents too many issues related to maintenance, management, community impact and action.

North Shore residents currently receive mobile phone text alerts and during last flood event the SES door knocked residents. The SES is investigating earlier warning systems to assist residents in evacuating earlier.




The LEMC does not support this proposal.



09       Progress Reports

1.         REMO - Report received.

2.         LEMO - Report received.

3.         LEOCON - Report received.

4.         Fire & Rescue NSW - No report received. Verbal update provided - new site on Central Road is still in planning stages, hopeful to have design signed off shortly. This site will relocate the Retained Fire Fighters, administration and Head Office staff.

5.         NSW Ambulance - No report received. Verbal confirmation of no updates.

6.         NSW RFS - No report received.

7.         SES Port Macquarie - Report received.

8.         SES Camden Haven - No report received.

9.         SES Wauchope - Report received.

10.      Marine Rescue Port Macquarie - Report received. Council and Marine Rescue are in discussion regarding the design and construction of the redevelopment of the Town Beach site. Construction to commence second quarter 2014.

11.      Marine Rescue Camden Haven - Report received.

12.      Department of Human Services - Disaster Welfare - No report received. Verbal update provided - Have recently developed draft standard operating procedures for evacuation centres in conjunction with NC REMO to outline the processes to be undertaken in an evacuation. Document to be attached to minutes.

13.      Hastings Macleay Health Network - No report received. Verbal update - new building expected to be ready for occupancy mid to late April 2014 with a slow transition as funds become available. Currently updating evacuation and business continuity plans which will need to be passed through the LEMC upon completion.

14.      NSW Department of Primary Industry - Report received.

15.      National Parks and Wildlife - Report received. Currently dealing with a Section 44 resulting from fires in the Macleay and Walcha converging in the Hastings area. RFS is hoping to de-declare the incident this week and hand it back to NPWS. Have had numerous suspicious fires in Queens Lake and lightning strikes across the region of late. Thank you to the agencies that provided support during the Crowdy Head fires.

16.      Department of Human Services - No report received.

17.      Essential Energy - No report received. Verbal confirmation of no updates.

18.      Telstra - No report received.

19.      NSW TAFE - No report received.

20.      Port Macquarie Airport - No report received. Verbal confirmation of no updates.

21.      PMHC Environmental Health Officer - No report received. Verbal confirmation of no updates.

22.      Surf Life Saving Mid North Coast - Report received. Verbal update provided - still attempting to confirm funding for new building.



1.         Committee to provide reports prior to Agenda release for LEMC meetings. Notification provided two weeks prior to Agenda.

2.         That the LEMC recognise individual and group achievements submitted in reports to committee with a letter of recognition on behalf of the LEMC and/or LRG.

3.         That the LEMC and LRG send a letter of recognition to Ryan Rosenbaum of Tacking Point SLSC for his achievement of Australian Surf Life Saver of the year 2013.



10       Major Events

Camden Haven Triathlon in late November is not listed.

Australia Day Sailability is not listed. Marine Rescue Port Macquarie to provide details to the Committee.



That the report be received and noted.



11       LEMC Contact List


1.         That changes be made as reported.

2.         That the report be received and noted.



12       Next Meeting


1.         The dates and invites for 2014 meetings will be distributed following the REMC meeting 20 November 2013.

2.         That 2014 meetings be held two weeks prior to the REMC meetings on a Thursday morning.





13.01          Smart System Policy Portal:


Smart System Police Portal is not required to be password locked.

Compliments to Council on the building and provisions.



1.         LEMO to have password removed from Portal 2.

2.         LEMC request Council gives consideration to the provision of internet facilities at the EOC for the effective and efficient coordination of services in an emergency event.

3.         That a run through of the set up and configuration of the EOC for an emergency event is scheduled for a future LEMC meeting through Kim Fehon of NSW Police.




The meeting closed at 12.01pm.