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Wednesday 18 December 2013



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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

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12.17 Recommended Item from Town Centre Master Plan Sub-Committee - Town Centre Master Plan Review

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What are we trying to achieve?

Our population growth is supported through public infrastructure, land use and development strategies that create a connected, sustainable and accessible community.










What will the result be?


         Supported and integrated communities.

         Infrastructure provision and maintenance that respects community expectations and needs.

         A natural environment that can be accessed by a network of footpaths, cycleways, coastal and hinterland walkways.

         Accessible, convenient and affordable public transport.

         Employment and population growth that is clustered within urban centres.


How do we get there?


5.1 Create and maintain integrated transport system that eases access between population centres and services.

5.2 Ensure transport options are safe, functional and meet access needs across the Local Government Area.

5.3 Develop and enhance quality open space and recreational facilities.

5.4 Plan settlements to accommodate a range of compatible land uses and projected population growth.

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