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Wednesday 19 October 2016



Laurieton School of Arts Hall

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Community Vision                                  A sustainable high quality of life for all





Community Mission                               Building the future together

                                                                  People Place Health Education Technology





Council’s Corporate Values                  é   Sustainability

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Council’s Guiding Principles                é  Ensuring good governance

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                                                                  é  Helping our community prosper

                                                                  é  Looking after our environment

                                                                  é  Planning & providing our infrastructure


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Ordinary Council Meeting

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Late Reports


Items of Business


Item       Subject                                                                                                      Page


Planning and Providing Our Infrastructure..................................................................... 5

13.07      Alternate Options for Sporting Fields................................................................. 6   



Late Reports                                                                  Ordinary Council




What are we trying to achieve?

Our population growth is supported through public infrastructure, land use and development strategies that create a connected, sustainable and accessible community.



What will the result be?

·                 Supported and integrated communities.

·                 Infrastructure provision and maintenance that respects community expectations and needs.

·                 A natural environment that can be accessed by a network of footpaths, cycleways, coastal and hinterland walkways.

·                 Accessible, convenient and affordable public transport.

·                 Employment and population growth that is clustered within urban centres.


How do we get there?


5.1     Create and maintain integrated transport system that eases access between population centres and services.

5.2     Ensure transport options are safe, functional and meet access needs across the Local Government Area.

5.3     Develop and enhance quality open space and recreational facilities.

5.4     Plan settlements to accommodate a range of compatible land uses and projected population growth.








Late Reports                                                                  Ordinary Council




Item:          13.07


Subject:     Alternate Options for Sporting Fields

Presented by:  Community and Economic Growth, Tricia Bulic



Alignment with Delivery Program


5.3.1  Plan, investigate, design and construct open spaces and recreational facilities.





That Council:

1.       Note the attached concept plans for the development of a multiple use sports and recreational precinct located on the Oxley Highway Wauchope (Lot 52 DP 1035553, Lot 2 DP 1118155 and Lots 11 &12 DP 855941) as a proposed alternative site to the land at Tuffins Lane.

2.       Request the General Manager establish an internal advisory group to progress planning for the sports and recreational precinct on the Oxley Highway Wauchope as the preferred alternative site to Tuffins Lane.


Executive Summary

The existing major outdoor sporting precinct known as Tuffins Lane has supported the delivery of a regular local sporting calendar as well as hosting major regional and state sporting events for many years and is seen as a key community facility.


The availability of this facility for hosting major events has also delivered economic benefits to local tourism and businesses with estimates in excess of $13m per annum for the State Junior and Senior Touch Football Cup combined.


The precinct is located on Boundary Road / Tuffins Lane Port Macquarie. Due to the above location and its abutment to the Port Macquarie Airport, there are a range of constraints relating to the Airport such as the growing demand in Airport use and planned Airport upgrades, as well as additional constraints of Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations regarding safety and emergency requirements. The site is also located on floodplain.


This sporting precinct, whilst providing a key amenity for the community, is not considered the long term option for large open space sporting fields due to the growing constraints of the airport, environmental challenges and the fact that there is significant population growth in the local government area requiring further exploration of suitable alternative sites.


Whilst Council has been aware of the above constraints and has been able to mitigate many of the challenges through adequate planning and additional maintenance, the recent notification by the new land owners to vacate the premises within 18 months has accelerated investigations of the options available.


This report details the results of those investigations and offers a concept for an alternative site which meets and potentially exceeds the existing site, to not only cater for existing and future sporting needs but offers the opportunity to bid for events that will broaden sporting tourism in this region.


At the 5 October 2016 Council meeting, Council resolved the following:


Item 15.01 Land Situated at Tuffins Lane


This item is considered confidential under Section 10A(2)(c) of the Local Government Act 1993, as it contains information that would, if disclosed, confer a commercial advantage on a person with whom the Council is conducting (or proposes to conduct) business.




That Council:


1.   Note the offer by Chase Parklands Pty Ltd for Council to purchase their land situated on Tuffins Lane, Port Macquarie and the conditions attached to any such sale.

2.   Request the General Manager bring back a report to the 19 October 2016 Council Meeting detailing alternate options to provide regional sports fields within the Port Macquarie-Hastings Local Government Area.


This report deals with the second Council resolution as detailed above relating to alternate options to provide regional sports fields within the Port Macquarie-Hastings Local Government Area.




Tuffins Lane Sports Fields accommodates a range of sporting user groups for training and competition throughout the year, as can be seen in the table below:






Port Football Club


Soccer fields

Training & competition

Port United Soccer


Soccer fields

Training & competition

Port Macquarie Touch Football


Touch fields

Training & competition

Port Macquarie Junior  Touch Football


Touch fields

Training & competition

Hastings River District Cricket Association


Cricket fields


Hastings River District Junior Cricket Association


Cricket fields


Port Macquarie Oztag


Touch fields


Port Macquarie Junior Cricket Club


Cricket nets


Macquarie Hotel Cricket Club


Cricket nets


Port Macquarie JRLFC



Pre-season training (3-4 weeks)

Port Macquarie Breakers JRLFC



Pre-season training (3-4 weeks)


During the summer season (as per the 2015/16 sporting calendar), the following playing surfaces were made available for competition and/or training at Tuffins Lane:


·    6 cricket fields including artificial turf pitches

·    4 x cricket nets

·    21 x touch football fields


During the winter season (as per the 2016 Sporting calendar), the following playing surfaces are made available for competition and/or training at Tuffins Lane:

·    3 x soccer fields (100m)

·    1 x soccer fields (70m)

·    2 x soccer fields (60m)

·    1 x soccer fields (50m)

·    3 x soccer fields (40m)

·    6 x soccer fields (30m)


The Port Macquarie Hastings Council is also contracted to support the Senior and Junior State Touch Football Cup events. A total of twenty three (23) full sized touch football fields were utilised during the 2015 NSW State Cup event. Twenty-one (21) fields were provided at Tuffins Lane with the balance being within Port Macquarie Regional Sports Stadium. (Refer to attached field layout).


A total of thirty (30) touch football fields were utilised during the 2016 NSW Junior State Cup event. Twenty-eight (28) fields were provided at Tuffins Lane with the balance being within Port Macquarie Regional Sports Stadium. Six (6) fields provided at Tuffins Lane were not full sized touch football fields. (Refer to attached field layout).


Council and sporting user groups have significantly invested in improving the quality of Tuffins Lane sports fields over the years. These improvements include, but are not limited to:

·    Cricket nets - installed 2011. Works funded by junior cricket. Estimated cost $50,000

·    2 x artificial turf cricket wickets (western side) - installed 2011. Works funded by junior cricket. Estimated cost $16,000

·    Canteen & change room installation - 2013/14. Works funded by Port Macquarie Football Club. Estimated cost $100,000. Note: DA approved by land owner

·    300 lineal metres of 2.0m wide concrete pathway installed by Council 2012 - 2013. Est. cost $65,000

·    Field construction - 2 x new touch fields - 2013/14. Works by Council - $40,000

·    3 x pedestrian access ramps constructed across drain western side Tuffins Lane. Estimated cost $15,000


With respect to the above capital improvements to the site and considering the recent notice to vacate, further discussions will be required with regard to any opportunity to seek partial compensation for these improvements from the new owners of the land.


Tuffins Lane constraints


The Port Macquarie Airport Master Plan 2010 and companion Master Plan 2010 Addendum Report provide details of the environmental, land use planning and development control constraints associated with the existing Tuffins Lane sporting fields located immediately adjacent to the end of the Airport runway.  These constraints include:

·    Aircraft noise exposure levels;

·    Obstacle limitation surfaces (aircraft take-off and approach surfaces);

·    Bird hazard areas;

·    External lighting controls; and

·    Emerging planning considerations from the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, such as the potential future requirement for the provision of public safety zones (PSZs) at each end of the runway, to limit new development in areas close to runway ends where there is a higher risk of damage from aircraft during landing or take off.


Other constraints on the land that would affect its current and future use as a sporting facility include:

·    Sensitive vegetation and wetlands constraining expansion opportunities on the western parts of the land;

·    Flood impacts - a major part of the land is designated floodway and cannot be built upon. The whole site is constrained by a lack of safe evacuation during a flood event;

·    Poor drainage and field performance during and after wet weather events.


Long term Sports facility planning

In September 2013 Council engaged ROSS Planning to develop a Recreational Needs Study (the Study) for the Local Government Area. The purpose of this study was to guide forward planning and efficient resource allocation.


The Recreation Action Plan (the Plan) was developed from the inclusions of the Recreation Needs Study and provides Council and the community with the road map for meeting the current and future needs in sport and recreation requirements from 2015 until 2025. Refer to attached Plan.


Port Macquarie Hastings Recreation Needs Study

The Study included an audit of existing sporting facilities across the LGA and assessed demand/gap in provision of sporting facilities at a local, district and regional level. This information provides guidance to Council in considering future supply of sporting facilities to meet current and future community need.

The Study identified that ‘…the sports fields within the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council area are sufficient to deal with current demand, albeit with a need to review and improve current maintenance and ancillary facility levels’ (page 29). This assessment took into account the Tuffins Lane sports fields as Council’s expectation was that they would continue to be available for community use for the remainder of the life of the current licence agreement. The loss of this sporting facility from the broader sports facility network from March 2018 requires Council to expedite planning for an alternate site to accommodate current demand.

The Study also recognises the need to further develop and improve existing sporting facilities to increase their useability and to improve their capacity to accommodate increased levels of use (page 20). These improvements include installation of sub-surface drainage, provision of lighting to additional fields and the Study specifically identifies potential for this to occur at Stuart Park and Woods Street sporting fields. Presently, all fields at Stuart Park have sports field floodlighting but there is potential to provide additional lighting at Woods Street fields to potentially accommodate 3 - 4 touch football sized fields.  

Port Macquarie Hastings Recreation Action Plan

The council adopted Recreation Action Plan (the Plan) identifies the need to develop new sporting facilities to meet the needs of our growing population within the Port Macquarie Hastings LGA.

 These facilities include:

·    Area 14 Sports Fields - Lake Cathie/Bonny Hills

Site is adjacent to Lake Cathie Public School

Approximately 7.7 hectares in size

Concept plan identifies two cricket fields and four football/rugby league or union fields will be provided

Will be classified a District sports facility

Detailed design and approval process has commenced

Significant filling of the site is required; this is the responsibility of the land developer


·    Thrumster Sports Fields

Site is adjacent to St Josephs Regional College

Approximately 6.7 hectares in size

Possible embellishment includes two cricket fields and four football/rugby league or union fields will be provided

Will be classified a District sports facility

Significant filling of the site is required; this is the responsibility of the land developer


·    Camden Haven Regional Sport Complex & Equestrian Facility

The site Council owned land situated adjacent to Kew Sewer Treatment Plant

Approximately 66 hectares in size

Could be considered a District or Regional facility; has been identified as a potential site for a Regional Equestrian facility

The site is currently subject to a long term Plantation Agreement between Council and the NSW Forestry Corporation


·    Wayne Richards Park, Port Macquarie - development of stages 3 & 5

Stage 3 - combined cricket/AFL field - detailed design and approvals process has commenced; delivery of this stage is reliant on relocation of Port Macquarie Works Depot and allocation of funding from Council.

Stage 5 - provision of a new multi-purpose synthetic turf field has commenced


Review of alternate sites


Given the range of constraints associated with Tuffins Lane as outlined above, Council staff has recognised for some time that this sporting facility is not a long term solution for the Port Macquarie - Hastings sporting community. Whilst actions were attributed to the Recreation Action Plan to plan for embellishments to a number of existing facilities, the recent notice to vacate by the new owners of the Tuffins Lane site has accelerated the need to bring forward this assessment.


Due to time constraints in putting this report to Council, a high level review only of potential alternate sites including greenfield opportunities has been conducted looking at proximity, size, suitability and limitations. The assessment also considered the eighteen (18) month notice to vacate and the need for Council to ensure that there was limited impact on the community and its contractual obligations, to ensure it could continue to provide adequate playing surfaces. A range of sites were considered as can be seen in the attached document titled Sporting fields - potential alternate sites


The site that has been identified as being the preferred location to progress to broad concept planning is situated on the corner of Oxley Highway and Stoney Creek Road in Wauchope. (See map below).



This 20 hectare site was purchased by Council in 2001 for future development of sporting facilities. The site is currently used for agistment of cattle and also previously housed Council’s cattle impound yard.


In recent years Council has resolved to develop a leash free dog exercise park within this site. The Leash Free Dog Exercise project is identified within the Recreation Action Plan for delivery in 2017/18 and is the only works identified for this site within the life of the Plan 2015-2025.


This site is referenced within the Recreation Needs Study. The site is identified as proposed sport open space (refer to pages 75 & 78) and is seen as having potential to relocate users from Lank Bain Sports Complex to allow for development of that facility as an equestrian/pony club facility (page 79).


The current situation with the Tuffins Lane site has enabled staff to revisit the above study with the potential identified for broader works within the sports open space to be considered as a realistic alternative site.


Draft concept plan


In response to the immediacy of the situation, staff have developed a draft concept plan for the Wauchope site, which aims to provide a diverse range of sporting and recreational opportunity for the community and visitors to the area. This precinct approach to sport and recreation facilities development is recognised as being best practice within the Study (see pages 29 & 30).


The concept shows a 20 hectare sports facility with large clubroom that caters for major regional and State sporting events like State Touch Cup. A number of vehicle and pedestrian/ bike access points are provided with generous car parking.


As per the draft concept plan, around 500 car parks are shown distributed around the site to allow for different sporting access needs. The distribution of parking also allows for easier staging of construction. Buses circulate and drop off through the car park along Stoney Creek Road. A small number of car parks are provided at the clubhouse including disabled and delivery parking off a shared pathway.


The draft concept shows a two level building with approx 2000m2 of floor space including a grandstand. The building can accommodate at least 6 change rooms, a meeting room, disabled, male and female toilets, gym, canteen, kitchen and storerooms. Storage for maintenance equipment and machinery is provided with a separate shed in the North West corner.


The intersection of the Oxley Highway and Stoney Creek Road is shown upgraded with a potential roundabout and main entry signage. Speed limits are reduced further east of Stoney Creek Road. An additional entry off the Oxley Highway is shown to the main car park and clubhouse.


5500m2 of fenced dog off leash area is included in the north east corner with easy parking along the northern edge accessible from Princess Avenue.


The entry to the facility is welcoming with logical way-finding and circulation. Planting, beams and fencing should be included. Shade is provided through shelters and perimeter tree planting. All car parks should be softened with tree planting which also shades parked cars.


A perimeter walking track surrounds the fields and connects to paths linking into Wauchope and to Rocks Ferry Reserve and the river.


Needs of adjacent residential uses is considered with the installation of low noise and activity elements such as a car park and dog off leash area along that boundary.


A drainage system includes large swale along the western boundary with an extensive storage detention basin with the potential to reuse stored water for irrigation.


Project staging


The project has the potential to be staged in a variety of ways to meet the needs of relevant sports groups within Council’s available budget and its likely to be a multi-million dollar project hence the requirement to stage it over a number of years.


Council is able to progress to detail design utilising existing S94 open space contributions to fund this component of planning.


Early staging could include installation of all or some of the sports fields, cricket nets, dog exercise area with a small number of formal car parks and additional gravel overflow parking.   


Later stages could include various levels of lighting and more formal car parking. The clubhouse will also likely be developed in a number of stages, commencing with toilets and change facilities.  Temporary tiered seating can be hired as needed for large events, with permanent grandstands to be built in the long term. Other longer term additions will be increased areas of formalised car parking, playground, landscaping and larger facilities including meeting rooms, gym and function space.


Intersection upgrades off the Oxley Highway will be developed in conjunction with Roads and Maritime Services.


Further consultation will need to be undertaken to develop a staging plan for the project following determination from Council on budget availability and concept options.


Should this option be supported, the land will need to be rezoned from RU1 Primary Production to RE1 Public Recreation to permit the full range of uses that would be desirable as part of a sporting facility. Rezoning of the land would be pursued as a site specific amendment to the local environmental plan and be made a priority within Council’s strategic landuse planning program.


Project planning and delivery - Stage 1


Council staff has explored the ability of the planning and infrastructure delivery teams to progress to detailed design noting that with existing timelines the following information is a guide only and will require further discussion and negotiation.


Phase 1 - (4 weeks) - Undertake engagement with user groups and other stakeholders in relation to the concept plan.


Phase 2 - (1 week) - Infra delivery develop a project plan based upon staging and final scope coming from stakeholder engagement on the concept plan.


Phase 3 - Undertake a tender process which calls for the detailed design of the entire facility (excluding detailed architectural design of any clubrooms/grandstands, as architectural design works are considered a specialist consultancy). This phase is targeting a report to Council in February or March 2017 for appointment of a consultant.


This tender will request consultants to prepare the following:


1.   Based on the draft concept plan, further develop into a detailed concept level design. This will identify more of the demand driven aspects such as car parking numbers, change room/amenities required and allocate appropriate space in the site (as a set area for future architectural design), drainage, site levels/grading, etc.


2.   Based on detailed concept design, and staging requirements identified through the community engagement process, prepare detailed construction documentation for each stage as separable projects, with the Stage 1 design being delivered as priority, and later stages delivered as quickly as possible thereafter.


By undertaking a single consultant engagement for design of the entire facility it will ensure that there is consistency in the approach across the site, whilst still allowing staged construction of the sporting facility.


Having Stage 1 as an early design deliverable will ensure construction can commence as quickly as possible, with works being carried out in parallel to the designs of later stages.


Subject to where the provision of amenities/change room facilities fall into the staging plan, it is proposed to let a separate contract for architectural design, as this is a reasonably different speciality of design works in comparison to the more 'civil' type sports field design work. It is anticipated further stakeholder engagement will be required during amenities/change room design to better understand specific user needs.


The identified timeframe for design of Stage 1 is 6 months. This period will not allow for detailed design of the entire facility. Staff have identified that a 6 month construction timeframe for Stage 1 is also achievable but is extremely tight and quick decision making and commitment to the project will be required for Stage 1 delivery and establishment prior to March 2018.


Comparison table between preferred site and Tuffins Lane


The following table offers a comparison between the existing Tuffins Lane site and the proposed alternate site:



Oxley Highway, Wauchope site

Tuffins Lane

Land size

20 hectares

18 hectares

No. of sporting fields


25 touch football (full size), 6 cricket fields, 12 football/rugby league or rugby union, 4 cricket nets

Maximum of 26 playing surfaces that cater for cricket, touch football and soccer

Public amenities


Refer attached concept plan to show approximately 2000m2 of floor space.

Less than 500m2 floor space

Car Park spaces


Up to 180 cars on site.

Distance to Pacific Highway

Distance to Port Macquarie CBD

10.5kms (9mins by car)


18.1km (17 mins by car)

5 kms


4.2 km (7mins by car)

Distance to shops, cafes etc

Wauchope 1.0km


3.5kms (Clifton Drive 5mins by car)



Current Zoning

Cost of new build

Flooding and poor drainage

Airport redevelopment

CASA regulations

Ongoing service levels

Limited future development options.




Council may choose to:


1.       Resolve in line with the recommendations as include in the report;

2.       Delegate authority to the Mayor and General Manager to enter into negotiations with Chase Parklands Pty Ltd ( Chase Property Investments Pty Ltd) for the potential purchase of the land situated on Tuffins Lane and that this negotiation be based on Council’s existing land valuation;

3.       Enter into negotiations to purchase the land at Tuffins Lane as referred to in Point 2 above and continue to explore alternative options;

4.       Review existing sporting fields and upgrade amenities to develop and offer a range of fields across the LGA rather than in a single precinct.


Community Engagement & Internal Consultation


Discussion with the community has been limited at this point and only in response to the notice to vacate the premises.


This has significant public interest and representations were made by local sporting groups and the Tourism association at the October 5 meeting of Council, urging increased dialogue and engagement with the community in reaching a suitable solution.


As the immediate option that is the subject of this report is only at the concept stage, it is anticipated that once council resolves a way forward, a clear and robust engagement plan will be developed.


Internal consultation regarding this matter has commenced that include staff from property, planning, economic development & tourism, infrastructure delivery and recreation & buildings program areas.


Planning & Policy Implications


As stated in the discussion section of this report, the planning for the longer term needs of the population occurred with the commissioning of the study into the recreational needs of the LGA into the future. Out of the study process, a 10 year plan was developed and adopted by Council to manage upgrades to existing facilities but also to explore opportunities to support growth in the longer term.


The provision of additional sporting facilities, as identified within the Recreation Action Plan, will still be required to meet future community demand.


The planned upgrades to the Airport detailed within the Airport Master Plan as well as the Port Macquarie Hastings Flood Policy 2015 and the Local Environmental Plan all have an impact on the existing Tuffins Lane site.


As noted above, the land identified as the Oxley Highway Wauchope would need to be rezoned to permit a sporting facility. A local environmental plan amendment would be made a priority should Council pursue this option and a separate report presented to Council to commence a rezoning process.


Financial & Economic Implications


There are financial implications that are attributable to both the recommendation and the options put forward within this report.


Should Council wish to enter into longer term planning for the sporting needs of the LGA, Council will need to consider the design, planning and construction costs for a new facility. At this stage plans are only at concept stage and project estimates will not be known until detailed design has been completed.


Should Council choose to proceed with negotiations for the purchase of the land at Tuffins Lane, an additional liability beyond the purchase price will include ongoing and potentially increased maintenance, drainage improvements and mitigations against other existing factors requiring a review of the existing service levels and available operational budget.


Council staff has investigated current sources of funds for new works within the Section 94 reserve and provide the following potential funds that could support the development of new sports fields. Of note, these are internally restricted reserves for Open Space development only and are outlined below:


Open Space New works

S94 Plan Amount 2004

2016 Value

Land on Oxley Highway Wauchope



Sports fields Oxley Highway



Sub Total



Open Space Recoupment



Indoor Stadium plan amount



Expenditure for indoor stadium



Sub Total






Total Potential funding from O/S plan




In considering the amount of funding to be applied to this project we will need to examine the S94 cash flow for other Recreation projects that will need to be considered in some detail before committing the funding.


There is also potential to recoup funds from the Community Facilities S94 Plan of $960k.




1View. Confidential Item 15.01 20161005 Tuffins Lane (Excluded from Agenda) (Confidential)

2View. NSW State Cup Touch Football - 2015 field layout

3View. NSW Junior State Cup Touch Football - field layout

4View. PMHC Recreation Action Plan 2015-2025

5View. PMHC Recreation Needs Study

6View. Sporting fields - potential alternate sites

7View. Alternate Sporting Fields Concept Plan