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date of meeting:


Wednesday 18 October 2017



Laurieton School of Arts Hall

Cnr Bold & Laurie Streets






Community Vision                                  A sustainable high quality of life for all





Community Mission                               Building the future together

                                                                  People Place Health Education Technology





Council’s Corporate Values                  é   Sustainability

                                                                  é   Excellence in Service Delivery

                                                                  é   Consultation and Communication

                                                                  é   Openness and Accountability

                                                                  é   Community Advocacy





Community Themes                               é  Leadership and Governance

                                                                  é  Your Community Life

                                                                  é  Your Business and Industry

                                                                  é  Your Natural and Built Environment


How Members of the Public Can Have Their Say at Council Meetings

Council has a commitment to providing members of the public with an input into Council's decision making.  The Council's Code of Meeting Practice provides two (2) avenues for members of the public to address Council on issues of interest or concern at the Ordinary Council Meeting.   These are:

·           Addressing Council on an Agenda Item (if the matter is listed in the Council Business Paper)

·           Addressing Council in the Public Forum (if the matter is not listed in the Council Business Paper)


You can request to address Council by completing the:

·           Request to Speak on an Agenda Item’ form

·           Request to Speak in the Public Forum’ form


These can be obtained from Council’s Offices at Laurieton, Port Macquarie and Wauchope or by downloading it from Council’s website.


Requests can also be lodged on-line at:





Your request to address Council must be received by Council no later than 4:30pm on the day prior to the Council Meeting.


·           Council will permit no more than two (2) speakers ‘in support of’ and two (2) speakers ‘in opposition to’ the recommendation on any one (1) Agenda Item.

·           A maximum of five (5) speakers will be heard in the Public Forum.

·           There is no automatic right under legislation for the public to participate in a Meeting of Council or a Committee of Council.

·           For a member of the public to be considered to address Council they must agree to strictly adhere to all relevant adopted Council Codes, Policies and Procedures at all times.

·           Consideration of items for which requests to address the Council Meeting have been received will commence at 5:30pm.

·           When your name is called, please proceed to the Council Table and address Council.

·           Each speaker will be allocated a maximum of five (5) minutes to address Council. This time is strictly enforced.

·           Councillors may ask questions of a speaker following an address.  Each answer, by the speaker to a question, is limited to two (2) minutes.  A speaker cannot ask questions of Council.

·           An Agenda Item will be debated by Council following the address.

·           Council will not determine any matter raised in the Public Forum session, however Council may resolve to call for a future report.

·           If you have any documentation to support your presentation, provide two (2) copies to Council by 12 noon on the day of the Meeting.

·           If a speaker has an audio visual presentation, a copy of the presentation is to be provided to Council by 12 noon on the day of the Meeting.

·           The following will not be considered in the Public Forum (in accordance with the Code of Meeting Practice, clause 2.14.14):

-         Proposed or current development and rezoning applications and related matters.

-         A third (3rd) or subsequent application by a single member of the public to address Council on the same issue in the same calendar year. Council, at its discretion, may elect to exempt representatives or members of community groups from this restriction.

-         Any formal procurement process, contract negotiation or dispute resolution being undertaken.

-         Any matter the General Manager (or their delegate) considers inappropriate for discussion in the Public Forum.

·           Council accepts no responsibility for any defamatory statements made by speakers.

·           Members of the public may quietly enter and leave the Meeting at any time.


Ordinary Council Meeting

Wednesday, 18 October 2017




Items of Business


Item       Subject                                                                                                      Page


06.03      Meetings with NSW Government Ministers.......................................................... 5        





Item:          06.03


Subject:     MAyORAL Minute - Meetings with NSW Government Ministers

Mayor, Peta Pinson








That Council note the information relating to the recent meetings held with NSW Government Ministers and thank the Member for Port Macquarie, Leslie Williams MP, for hosting the meetings.




Going back to June 2017, a request was made of the Member for Port Macquarie Leslie Williams by the Deputy Mayor and the General Manager for a series of meetings to be held between government Ministers and Council on a range of issues. In subsequent conversations, a list of proposed meetings was established including a list of topics for discussion with the various Ministers.


On Wednesday & Thursday the 11th and 12th October 2017, the General Manager, the Director Strategy & Growth and I attended a series of meetings with a range of NSW Government Ministers, in Parliament House Sydney, hosted by the Member for Port Macquarie Leslie Williams, in line with the above-mentioned request.


Meetings were held with the following eight Ministers and departmental staff:


The Hon. Melinda Pavey MP:                        Minister for Roads, Maritime & Freight.


The Hon. John Barilaro MP:               Deputy Premier;

Minister for Regional NSW;

Minister for Skills and

Minister for Small Business.


The Hon. Niall Blair MLC:                   Minister for Primary Industries;

Minister for Regional Water and

Minister for Trade & Industry.


The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP:         Minister for Planning;

Minister for Housing and

Special Minister of State.


The Hon. Paul Toole MP:                   Minister for Lands & Forestry and

Minister for Racing.


The Hon. Gabrielle Upton MP:           Minister for Local Government;

Minister for the Environment and

Minister for Heritage.


The Hon. Adam Marshall MP:            Minister for Tourism and Major Events.


The Hon. Pru Goward MP:                 Minister for Family & Community Services;

                                                            Minister for Social Housing;

Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault.


A series of briefing notes were developed by the General Manager and staff that covered a range of issues to be discussed with the Ministers. These briefing notes were forwarded to the Ministers offices weeks prior to the meeting so that open discussion could take place at the meetings. Due to the limited time Council had with each Minister, not all issues listed for discussion could be addressed, however some key issues that were discussed are as follows:


-     The growth impacting on the local government area and how Council is managing that growth;

-     Destination NSW support for events and highway destination signage;

-     Feral deer management;

-     Joint Organisations;

-     Road corridors that fall outside of designated road reserves;

-     Short St Plaza Car Park;

-     Beach to Beach Shared Riverwalk;

-     Port Macquarie Orbital Road;

-     Boundary St Port Macquarie upgrade;

-     Approval of the Port Macquarie-Hastings reclaimed water scheme;

-     Jobs for NSW;

-     Ocean Drive duplication;


Please note that the above list is not exhaustive, but just a sample of some of the key issues discussed.


In addition to the above Ministerial meetings, meetings were also held with the Regional Infrastructure Coordinator for NSW, Lieutenant General Ken Gillespie and Mr Gary Barnes from the Department of Premier & Cabinet. Both these roles are key to supporting the governments drive to fund regional outcomes through programs such as the recently announced Regional Growth Fund and similar such programs.


All the meetings went extremely well and the Ministers were very receptive to the many issues discussed. The General Manager and I will now spend time collating the information gathered from our meetings and in developing a path forward that will allow us to take full advantage of the discussions we have held and that will assist us in taking advantage of regional funding opportunities that are available to NSW Councils.